By Ted
January 29, 2001

 Ted did this for my birthday!  Don’t blame him for the title, though…that was my idea.  :D

Seems like you just had one last year... ;-)
Anyway, to honor the occasion, I present this gift to you... a short story following up "A TaleSpin Wedding."
(Note for anyone who hasn't read the TS Wedding story, stop reading now, because this story will spoil it!)
Happy birthday!

B&B Forever,

M’kay. The soap opera of finding true love continues! I just typed this all up, so it's probably full of mistakes. And a warning: Anyone who takes this story with any amount of seriousness should have his or her head examined. Any innuendo is purely coincidental… I swear! :-D

As Rebecca and Wildcat drove off to their newly wedded bliss, Baloo was oddly silent.

“You okay, Papa Bear?” Kit asked.

“Huh? Oh, sure kid, I’m fine,” Baloo replied, then sighed. “Well Li’l Britches, looks like we got the whole day to ourselves. Whaddaya say we head down to Louie’s? I could sure use four or five banana burritos ‘bout now.”

“Uh, yeah, fine with me.” Kit gave him a concerned look. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, never better.” Baloo put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and they started away from the chapel.

Meanwhile, in the back seat of newlywed’s limousine, Wildcat rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a moment. “Hey, what do ya think about the name ‘Bernice’?”

“You mean a name for our first daughter?” Rebecca asked dreamily.

The mechanic dug in his tuxedo pocket and fished his new screwdriver. “Naw, for this!

Rebecca recoiled all the way to the far side of the seat. “Wildcat, that thing’s greasy!”

“Oh, sorry.” He stuffed it back in his pocket. “So, like, what do you wanna do when we get to the hotel? Hey, can you play the kazoo?”

Rebecca arched an eyebrow. “The… kazoo?Dear God… what have I gotten myself into? “Driver, stop the car!”

When the limousine halted, Becky lamented, “Wildcat, I’m sorry. I can’t do this! We… we really rushed into this, and… you’re not the one I love, I’m sorry. I want an annulment. Can you ever forgive me?”

Wildcat scratched his head. “Uh, sure, Ms. Cunningham. But, like, does that mean you can’t play the kazoo?”

Rebecca screamed and burst out of the car. She immediately kicked her high heels off and ran down the street, with her wedding dress flowing behind her. “I know who the man is I love… and it’s about time I admitted it! Oh, I have to find Baloo!”

She ran across a busy intersection where a truck just stopping on a red light caught the end of her dress under its front tire. Of all the luck! She was in a hurry, she couldn’t just stand there until the truck moved! With frustrated grunts, she tugged and wrenched frantically until she tore herself free… which unfortunately meant ripping off half her gown and showing her slip to the world, but she ran on… nothing was going to stand in her way!

As she ran on towards a street corner, she noticed water was sprinkling on her… then suddenly pouring, soaking her completely. She looked to the sky, “Is it raining?” No, actually, she just ran into the spout of an open fire hydrant. She flung the dripping locks of hair out of her eyes and ran on… nothing was going to stand in her way!

Hurriedly, she pushed, shoved, and weaved her way through the sea of people on the sidewalk, when all the sudden the ground didn’t seem so solid anymore.

“Aw, lady,” a construction worker griped. “Look what you’re doin’ to my sidewalk! I spent all mornin’ smoothin’ that out!”

Rebecca looked down and noticed she was shin-deep in wet cement, where they were re-paving the walkway. She’d failed to notice the ‘Caution: Wet Cement’ sign behind her.

“Ugh,” she groaned, but it was going to take more than that to stop her. Determinedly, she trudged through the muck, kicking and splattering cement all over, including the face of the construction worker. He yelled and waved his fist after her. Her feet slished and sloshed with each step, but she ran on… nothing was going to stand in her way!

Not even…


… toppling into a city wastebasket. Apparently looking where she was going wasn’t one of Rebecca’s finer points when she was in a hurry. “Lousy place to put a trash can,” she grumbled. She plucked a banana peel out of her hair, got to her feet, and ran on... nothing was going to stand in her way!

Finally, panting with exhaustion, Rebecca had made it to Higher For Hire. She threw the door open and stumbled inside. “Baloo!” she called. “Baloo, where are you!”

She checked the kitchen… empty. Then upstairs… empty. Then downstairs again, she looked out the window and saw the Sea Duck was gone. “Oh no… I'm too late…”

Rebecca sat down on the stairs and sulked. “This is all my fault… I shouldn’t have waited so long to tell him my true feelings… And to think of all the awful things I’ve said about him before… calling him crude and disgusting…” She sighed. “And all this time, he’s been the one…” Then her wet clothes started to make her shiver. What she wouldn’t give to have her true loves warm arms around her. “Oh, where could that bear be when I need him the most? I bet he’s at Louie’s, stuffing his face.” Then worriedly, “I have to get there, but how? Wait, of course, I’ll take an air taxi!”

At Louie’s Place, Baloo and Kit sat at the bar. Kit was enjoying a Krakatoa special, but Baloo had barely touched his third burrito. Sullenly, he rested his chin in his palm, staring at his plate.

“Baloo, something is bothering you,” Kit said. “You’ve been acting weird ever since the wedding.”

“I told ya, Li’l Britches, I’m fine.”

“It’s not Ms. Cunningham, is it? Because she’s married now?”

“Now why would that bother me?”

Kit shrugged. “I dunno… you’re not jealous, are you?”

Jealous?” Baloo looked at him like he was insane.

Are you?”

“Aw, c’mon, kid. Ya know better than that.”

Kit took another bite of ice cream. “Well, you two do have a lot of fun together sometimes, ya know. Did you ever picture you and her… you know, as a couple?”

“You kiddin’?” Baloo laughed. “Ol’ Beckers and I go together like prune juice and five alarm chili. Talk about misery.”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right. It’d never work out.”

“What’s Wildcat got that I haven’t got, anyway?” Baloo blurted.

Kit’s jaw hung open. “You are jealous.”

“Now quit sayin’ that… I am not.”

“What’s the matter, Fuzzy,” Louie said, approaching the two from the other side of the counter. “I thought you said you was hungry? Somethin’ wrong with my bananas?”

“He upset because he has a crush on Ms. Cunningham,” Kit told him.

“For the last time, I do not have a—!”

Suddenly, Rebecca rushed in the door, in a mess of tangled hair and wet, tattered clothes. “I’m here for the man I love!” she exclaimed.

Most of the male clientele quickly hid under their tables.

Then she saw Baloo at the bar, no doubt making a pig of himself, just as she thought… but this time, it didn’t matter. She was there to finally get it off her chest, to finally reveal her true feelings. “And nothing’s going to stand in my way!”

“Becky, ya mean…” Baloo brightened. “Aw, I knew it, Beckers! I knew it all the time!” He outstretched his arms, waiting for her.

With a weary smile, Rebecca ran toward him. This was it! And no, absolutely nothing was going to stand in her way…

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…especially the pilot who wasn’t even around to give her a ride when she most needed one.

“Look out, Baloo!” She elbowed him out of the way, and jumped over the counter, into Louie’s arms.

Ah, true love at last.

The End

So, Michelle, if anyone asks you what Ted gave your for your birthday, you can tell them… a heart attack. :-D




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