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Draped with the still-unconscious Kit Cloudkicker over her back, Melita Ducina hurried down the corridors of the Prowler where she previously marked the trail with her lipstick Xs, with Molly ahead of her, scouting for any Air Pirate search parties. Having long discarded their wet towels discretely, they headed back to the ship’s air hangar where the Sea Duck and Myra were waiting.

 “How’d you know where we were?” asked the Moltese, still surprised by the rescue.

“I followed you guys,” she answered. “I figured you might need my help so I kept a safe distance, just in case.”

 “And where’d you learn to use a wet cloth to filter out smoke?”

“Heard it on an episode of Danger Woman.”


“Yeah, in episode number one-hundred and seventeen: ‘The Menace Phantom – Part One’.”

Then, a group of Air Pirates spotted them and shouted at the girls: “Hey! Stop right there!”

 They began to run faster, but the extra passenger placed on the she-canine’s back made the task difficult. Molly saw this and said: “Keep going, Melita! I’ll stop those creepfaces!”

“But, Mol –”

GO! I’ll catch up!”

Reluctantly, Melita forged ahead, wondering: What’s a little kid like her going to do? Still running behind, the little girl quickly opened up her rucksack from her shoulder she was carrying and began to rummage about. Pulling out a medium-sized bottle, she unscrewed the cap and poured out a slick-looking liquid onto the floor from behind her, leaving a long, wet trail then discarded the bottle to the side.

“We’re gainin’ on ‘em!” said one of the pirates. But as they ran across the liquid, the corsairs began to slip and slide all over, crashing into the walls and each other, among their chorus of whoops as the girls left them behind.

“What in the world was that?” Melita asked her.

The eight-year old giggled wickedly. “My mom’s bath oil.”

“Why would you carry bath oil with you?”

“Like Mom always says: ‘A lady is always prepared.’”

The novice Dame was more impressed. “I suppose you heard that on that…Danger Woman show, too?”

“Yep! Episode number two hundred and twenty-six: ‘The Return of Samurai Seiko’,” she replied as they ran further down the corridor. “Golly, don’t you guys have radio on this side of the world?”  




 “Hurry!” cried Katie to her companions on the now-sinking September Weed as Baloo, Rebecca and she ran for dear life up the derelict’s stairs trying to reach the main upper deck. “We have to get to the top!”

But then as they halfway reached the deck, a large ice-green wave came crashing down the stairs. The vixen halted abruptly and screeched: “Water! Water! Get down! Get back down!”

Retreating to the bottom, they made it back to the second level deck as the huge gush of seawater rushed downwards. It enveloped around their calves, almost causing them to slip as they reached the doorway.

“C’mon!” the redhead yelled. “Help me shut this door!”

 Wasting no time, the pilot, businesswoman and archaeologist grunted to close the door against the heavy force of the stream, but they managed to shut it completely.

“There!” panted Baloo, wiping his brow of a collected mix of water and perspiration. “That oughta hold ‘er!”

“But, Baloo,” cried Rebecca, “the ship’s sinking by the minute and we’re still trapped onboard!”

 “It must be coming from that bazooka hole I made,” Katie said angrily, slamming her fist hard against a nearby wall. “I wish I’d never, ever made that hole!”

Hearing that, the large grey bear’s face suddenly lit up, picked up the shapely vixen by the waist and spun her wildly around once, shouting: “Waaa-hoo!! That’s it!!” He then unexpectedly planted a great big kiss on her lips that shocked her completely and most of all Rebecca, looking at the scene with her eyes widened and lower jaw dropping, as if it would hit the floor and smash into a million pieces.

“Katie baby, yer a genius – with a capital ‘J ’!!” he said enthusiastically before setting her back down gently and broke into a run down the corridor. “C’mon, ladies! Let’s go!”

“Go? Go where??” shouted his employer. “Bah-looo!!! Where are you going?!”

“To the hull breach, Beckers! Get yer rears in gear!”

 “Katie –” Rebecca apologized, turning to her. “I-I’m so sorry for what Baloo did back there!”

However, there was this flighty and widened smile on the redhead’s face, her eyes transfixed into a dreamy and delirious gaze and her hand clutched over her chest as if her heart had just exploded into stars.

“Oh, please,” she breathed with a short, sumptuous giggle that followed. “Whatever for?...”

 Katie then went after the pilot while the she-bear’s eyes narrowed and growled lowly over the archaeologist’s reaction, thinking lividly as she raced to catch up with the two: A new rule…There shall be no kissing of the clients for any reason – ever!!




Kit’s mind was starting to regain itself slowly from its dormant state of consciousness, hearing only incoherent voices, numbed by the dissipating pain in his head. Slowly, the navigator opened his eyes that seemed all fuzzy at first, but becoming more focused by the minute. And the first vision he saw was a white-grey face and blackish nose with such lovely features that he couldn’t help smiling at the face that said to him: “Welcome back, Kit.”

“Is…this heaven?” he murmured dazedly. “The angels here are so beautiful…”

“Hoo-boy,” muttered a far-off youngish, but vaguely familiar female voice.

The face blushed and giggled. “No, silly…it’s me, Melita.”

“Are we both…dead?” he asked tentatively.

“No, but we came pretty darn close. We’re back on board the Sea Duck.”

“You’re a very lucky young man, Kit,” spoke another person now coming into his view. It was Myra . “You’ve suffered a slight concussion, but you’ll be okay.”

“Thanks for saving my life,” he said, holding Melita’s hand tenderly.

“Thanks for saving mine from the blast. But the other credit goes to your brave sister right here.”


“Sister? I…I don’t have a –” he said, turning his head to see someone waving at him…

“Hiya, Kit!”

“Moh…MOLLY?!” exclaimed the navigator, rising quickly from the plane’s bunk bed pillow in surprise, only to recede back down agonizingly.

“Take it easy, Kit!” cautioned the vixen. “You took quite a bump to your head.”

“So I noticed,” he winced, holding his head. “What are you doing here? Don’t you realize we’re in great danger?”

“Don’t talk to your sister like that,” scolded the Moltese, surprised by the young bear’s reaction.

“She’s not my sister, Melita!” Kit answered, staring at the guilty-looking she-bear cub with contempt. “She’s my boss’ daughter, who should be back home in Cape Suzette where it’s safe! How did you –”

“Okay, okay,” Molly sighed, rolling her eyes. “I’ll explain…”




Higher for Hire, Cape Suzette

Three days before  

Wildcat waved goodbye on the docking moor of Higher for Hire as the Sea Duck disappeared into the voluminous Cape Suzette cliffs. He went to work in his floating shack on his electric bathtub invention with the extension cord that he was still tinkering with for the last five years. A couple of hours and three near-electrocutions later, the mechanic looked at his watch, he realised the time.

“Oh!” he exclaimed. “Time for Danger Woman. Gotta wake up Mollycat for that an’ make her breakfast! I wonder if she likes her scrambled eggs with sliced wieners an’ blueberries on top?”

Entering into the offices and knocking on the spare upstairs bedroom door, the mechanic entered the room finding the little girl’s mound still under the sheets, addressing to her: “Heya, Molly. It’s time for breakfast an’ Danger Woman…”

No response. Ordinarily the she-bear cub would have leapt from the bed, ran down the stairs and right over to the radio in a blink of an eye.

Walking over towards her, Wildcat patted the buried mound. “Molly, are you feelin’ okay?” he asked a little worriedly. He lifted the blanket to find two pillows and her favourite doll Lucy beside them, much to his surprise.

“Mollycat? Where are you? Playing hide an’ go peek-a-boo?” he called out. Then he spotted an envelope with his name scrawled in pencil on it on top of the pillows. Opening it, he read the letter aloud to himself:


Dear Wildcat;

Have gone off with Mom, Baloo and Kit. Will be OK.
Look after Lucy for me.  




Looking at the doll, the mechanic picked up Lucy and scratched his head in confusion. He then shrugged off the thought and decided it wasn’t much to contemplate over this sudden arrangement of plans that nobody bothered to mention to him before.

“C’mon, Lucy,” Wildcat said nonchalantly with a smile as he carried the doll out of the room. “It’s time for Danger Woman. We can tell Molly what happened when she gets back from her vacation or somethin’ like that…”




“…Before then, I stowed away on the plane,” Molly finished in-between bites on something she was chewing on. “Besides, you think I haven’t played on the Sea Duck long enough to know every little hiding place onboard?”

“Say,” Kit asked, noticing the food she had in her hand. “Is that a hot biscuit from the galley you’re eating?”

“Yeah, although it’s kinda cold right now,” she said, digging into her rucksack, pulling out another one and extending it to him. “Want one?”

You’re the mysterious ‘Phantom Nibbler,’ aren’t you?” said Myra , a bit amused.

The she-bear cub swallowed down her last bite and shrugged nonchalantly. “Hey, I’m a growing girl – I gotta eat too, you know.”

The navigator just groaned. “Good golly, Miss Molly –”

“Wait, Kit,” said Melita, defending her. “It was Molly who saved us from smoke inhalation and helped us get away from the pirates so we could get back to the plane unnoticed.”

Kit looked confused. “Molly?”

“That’s right,” the Aridian agreed. “She even put a temporary bandage on your head until I took a better look and gave you a good one. Probably saved you from bleeding to death as well.”


“Oh, gee,” said the golden-furred girl sarcastically with her arms crossed across her chest. “Don’t overwhelm me with your gratitude, Cloudkicker.”

The young bruin thought it over and then sheepishly broke into a grin. “I guess…I owe you an apology – and a thank you.”

Elated by his recognition of her deeds, Molly joyously went over to Kit and gave him a warm embrace that he gratefully returned, despite still being sore.

 Man, he thought, this kid’s got more guts than I figured. “You’re really one brave girl, you know that?”

The golden-furred she- bear cub looked up at him and confessed: “Are you kidding? I was shaking like a leaf!”

Melita cleared her throat to get their attention. “Excuse me…I really hate to interrupt this moving reunion here, but we still have those Air Pirates to deal with.”

“She’s right!” said the petite vixen. “It’ll be a matter of time before they find us.”

 Settling up gently from the bunk bed, Kit began to analyze the situation. “So…what’s it like out there?”

“Chaotic, as predicted,” reported the Moltese. “Wounding the Iron Vulture has definitely got those pirates running around in a state of confusion in the attack. They haven’t found this hangar just yet, so if we’re going to leave we have to do it now.”

“Wait a minute!” Molly cried out. “What about Mom and Baloo? We can’t leave them behind!”

Myra and the other youngsters looked at each other uneasily. They couldn’t tell the little girl the truth that they had no idea what had become of Baloo, Rebecca or Katie since the Air Pirate invasion of the Prowler, but at the same time they didn’t want her to panic or feel that there was no hope for either one of them.

“Molly…” explained the navigator gently. “Baloo and your mom can look after themselves. Besides, you know ol’ Papa Bear. He’s dealt with Karnage many times – if anybody can handle him, he can. If we really want to help them, we’ve got to leave to get more help.”

“Okay,” she mumbled. The younger cub reluctantly agreed with them, even if she didn’t like the circumstances.

“Alright then,” said Kit, turning to the others. “I’ll get the Sea Duck started, Melita can get the hangar doors open and then we can go find her brother, provided that he is out there monitoring us.”

“Trust me,” she assured him, “he will be.”

“Kit, you really shouldn’t be flying in your condition,” Myra advised.

“I’ll be okay…besides; I’m the only one here who can fly. I’ll keep the back ramp open for Melita as we pull out of the hangar and you two can get her inside. If we play this right, we should be able to pull this off. Everybody’s okay with that?”

They all nodded.

“Okay, team – let’s get started!”






Splashing through the September Weed’s watery and tilted corridors, Baloo, Rebecca and Katie made their way to the hull breech the archeologist made all those years ago and sure enough, water by the litres was rapidly gushing down the hole.

“Great!” said Rebecca venomously. “What do we do now, Fly Boy? Plug up the hole with your stomach?!!”

 Hey! I’m tellin’ ya for da last time, Becky –!”

 “Will either of you idiots knock it off right now or I’ll leave you both behind!” shouted the archeologist.

The two stopped arguing immediately with Rebecca saying: “Sorry. Go ahead.”

“Now this is what we’re gonna do…” Baloo explained. “We wait ‘til the water level reaches up to our necks, then we swim through the hole ‘til we’re free from da ship.”

“B-but we’ll drown, you lummox!” protested the businesswoman. “Don’t you realize that we may be many metres below sea level before we even reach the top?”

“Becky, I may be an idiot, but I ain’t no fool…you ferget – there’s hydraulic cables attached to the Prowler. All we gotta do once were outta here is grab one of the cables goin’ up an’ we’ll be breathin’ fresh air in no time!”

“This is madness!”

“No, he’s right!” Katie sided with the pilot. “The lift is still attached to the ship above. And at the rate we’re going, it should be enough for us to break for the surface!”

“I still think it’s a crazy plan!”

“Well, Boss Lady, we ain’t got the time to discuss this as a committee!!”

Rebecca stomped her foot in the water, making a squishy sound. “I am not a committee!”

A sudden rumble and gush of seawater sloshed around their knees again just then, prompting a snap decision from the businesswoman: “All right, let’s go for it!”

“Okay! We gotta find some kinda rope, anythin’ ta bind us together,” said the large pilot, looking around the corridor. “That way, we can’t lose each other.”

 “This temporary wiring we placed to light up the ship,” suggested the vixen, gesturing to the walls. “Do you think it’ll do?”

“Yeah, provided it don’ ‘lectrocute us none in the process.”

 Then the power line outside the September Weed that was attached to the Prowler got stretched to the limit and snapped, plunging the whole derelict into darkness.

“Well,” commented Rebecca in the blackness, “that’s one problem eliminated.”

“Let’s get ta work, ladies!”

Using the dying glow of their flashlights they switched on, the three of them ripped the electrical wiring off the walls quickly. Grabbing one long end, the grey bear instructed: “Tie it real tight! Wrap it ‘round ya as good as it can git it!!”

“That ought to take a while for you!”

“Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, Beckers!”

“Then get it around your coliseum faster!”

Oh, brother, Katie thought with a heavy sigh. Don’t these two ever quit?!

Doing the best they could, they all managed to create a good makeshift security line to each other, while Baloo tucked his pilot’s hat underneath his bound wire. Rebecca’s voice then let out a sharp yelp which was followed by the sound of a good hard slap of a hand hitting somebody’s face.

“Ow!” shouted the pilot.

Watch where you put your paws, buster!

“That wasn’t me, Becky!”

“Sorry – that was me,” Katie admitted. “I couldn’t see where I was tying.”

Oh,” said Rebecca embarrassingly. “I’m really sorry about that, Baloo.”

He just grunted: “S’okay...”

Then another good hard slap sounded off, followed by a familiar shriek.

Hey!” the vixen said indignantly. “What was that for?!”

That was for making me think it was him!!”

“Can we save this Three Stupids routine fer Talent Night at Louie’s?! It’s gettin’ time ta do it!” Baloo told them. He was right. The water level had now reached above their waistlines.

“It-it-it’s s-s-so c-c-cold,” Rebecca’s teeth were chattering.

“Think warm thoughts,” suggested Katie.

“I-I-I c-c-can’t!”

“Then think ‘bout a huge gross amount in Higher fer Hire’s business ledgers, Boss Lady.”

 A big, warm satisfied smile spread across the businesswoman’s face with a sensual sigh when she put the pilot’s suggestion to work.

The archaeologist was somewhat unnerved watching this, commenting: “I think that employer of yours needs a hobby other than money.”

“She already does, hon. It’s hollerin’ an’ screechin’ at me.”

Rebecca snapped out of her pleasant fantasy. “Hey!”

“No time fer a comeback, Beckers! We gotta move now!”

Positioning themselves at the breech, the waters reached their shoulders and made the trio float, causing them to automatically tread. It was all or nothing now.

 “Baloo, Rebecca…” said Katie worriedly. “If this…doesn’t work…I just want to thank you, anyway. It was a pleasure to know and work with you two, really…and for being my friends.”

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, Red. You ‘kay, Becky?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be…I hope you know what you’re doing, Baloo.”

“Yeah, me too, sweetheart,” he replied, gulping real hard. “Me too. On the count of three…we all take deep breaths an’ go up an’ outta the hole. Got it?”

 The two women anxiously nodded. The water level now covered their collarbones.


Inhaling as much air as they possibly could into their lungs, the three then dove under the surface and undertook their biggest gamble – their lives.






“How can you have let those juvenile de-linkity-quents escape from you?!” growled Don Karnage, as the latest search party came up with nothing to show for the fugitives still lurking about the Prowler.

“We almost caught them, Cap’n,” reported a canine underling nervously, “but they, uh…gave us the slip, literally.”

Find those sneaks, you half-knitting-wits or I will gut out your gizzards and have them fixed for my dinner!!”

“Yessir!” The pirates snapped to attention.

“But first,” he said calmly, “do wash that bath oil off of your silly selves! I cannot be having the Air Pirates of Don Karnage smelling like April downy freshness – we have reputations to keep, don’t you know!”

As they marched off to find a shower stall, Dumptruck ventured a question. “Say, Cap’n…do ya tink they’re still on board?”

“Of course they are! I know that Kit. He can be very sly fellow that ex-protégé of mine, yes-no? And right now as we are speaking, I’ll bet my bottom sand dollar that little street urchin is planning his escapade…”

Not too far away, Kit had settled himself into the Sea Duck’s pilot seat. For years he dreamed of sitting in this chair, finally in command of Baloo’s “baby.” It gave him a rush of excitement as well as anxiety.

They were right about being careful what you wish for, the boy thought before calling out: “Are we ready, ladies?”

“Ready, Kit,” answered Melita, standing by the hangar door controls whom he could see through the plane’s windows. Molly and Myra stood by the plane’s rear entrance, waiting to pull the Moltese in when they charged out of the air hangar.

“Pull chocks!” Molly responded as the vixen gave a thumb’s-up.

“Pull chocks,” repeated Kit, taking a deep breath and switching the power on. I won’t let you down, Papa Bear. I’ll do you proud…wherever you are…

As the seaplane’s engines and propellers roared into full force, the young navigator gave the thumb-up signal to the she-canine, which in turn she pressed the UP button, opening the doors...

A bit off-distance, Karnage was in the middle of one of his thinking-out loud soliloquies. “Now…if I were Kit, where would I be hiding?”

Gibber then whispered something into his ear.

“What do you mean, ‘on the Sea Duck?’” said the wolf incredulously that made the lackey cringe and back up a step. “Do not be ridiculous! Besides, that flying yellow trash heap isn’t anywhere to be founded!”

While this went on, the hangar doors opened without being noticed by anyone, which is why the Con-Wing L-19 just zoomed out of nowhere surprising all on deck, in particular Karnage himself; as he discovered he was right in the pathway of the infamous plane!

Melita sprinted behind the Sea Duck, while Myra tossed her the rope-attached handlebar that Kit used to use during his airfoil-flying days that he no longer did due to the fact that his growing weight couldn’t make cloud-surfing on the airfoil possible. The she-canine grabbed the handlebar tightly that pulled her off her feet and flew through the air, prompting Molly to activate the rope wrench then pressed the back ramp controls up after it had safely pulled the Moltese Dame inside, closing the entrance quickly.

Everybody scattered and shouted in all directions as the plane continued to use the Prowler’s deck as a runway. As it pulled up its landing gears before it reached the ship’s railing, the lupine pirate commander gasped in surprised as he managed to get a glimpse of the pilot in the cockpit window…


The Sea Duck’s wheels parted from the deck, barely missing the railing and soaring into the air. Karnage was literally in a hopping mad rage, screaming at the top of his lungs while he coughed from the plane’s exhaust: “Stop that plane! Stop that plane, you imbecilic dopeys! Go after them – now, now, now!!!

Four pirates managed to scramble into their own planes that had been moored alongside the Prowler at the docking jetty, armed and waiting for them. Within minutes, they began to pursue the Sea Duck in earnest.

End of Part Twenty


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