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Disclaimer: The following story is based on the television series, characters and situations, created by Jymn Magon & Mark Zaslove, Tale Spin © 1990, 1991 Walt Disney Company/Buena Vista Television. Fan-fiction story and non-Tale Spin characters are creations by the author and may not be used without permission. This is a work of fan-fiction, using characters and property of the Walt Disney Company without consent and for non-profit use.




“Katie…” said Baloo, trying to catch up with the archaeologist, “Katie, slow down fer goodness sake!”

 “Stay out of this, Baloo,” she said curtly. “It doesn’t concern you.”

“Hey now, yer goin’ up ‘gainst my boss, Red, so it does make it my concern. An’ y’know yer bigger than her –”

The vixen stopped and icily glared at the large pilot.

I…beg your pardon?!

“Naw, naw, naw – I mean yer taller than Becky an’ I don’t wanna see any of yas get hurt.”

“Oh…of course,” relaxing her guard a little, feeling disconcerted over his misconstrued statement but then continued on her way. “There’s something Rebecca and I need to settle out and this is the way to resolve it.”

What?! By tryin’ to kick each other senseless??”

Look,” she said pointedly and turning her head sharply at him, “I'm used to being envied by other women, but I'm not going to spend the rest of this expedition with her insecurities! If I can't work with the people who aren't comfortable around me, then I can't do my job properly either!!”

Insecurities?? The grey bear thought, surprised.

Now, he knew that Rebecca was a short-tempered reactionary who disliked anything upsetting her balance – that was the way she ran her world. Even when she’d deny her own faults while pointing out that of others’, there were times that sensibility would sink into that stubborn pride of hers.

He hoped that it would work this time out, too.


Already they could see the ta’i chi outfit-clad businesswoman, her hair tied up in a ponytail; warming up as they all entered the ship’s gymnasium executing with a few moves, looking concentrated and self-assured. Baloo, Kit and Myra exchanged glances at each other uneasily.

“I’ll…I’ll go an’ talk Becky outta this,” said the pilot, walking over to his employer.

“Good luck,” muttered the vixen, also braiding her hair into a long ponytail. You’ll need it.

 “C’mon, Beckers…” the pilot began his plead as she approached the she-bear, “why doncha jus’ go ta bed? Yer already in yer PJs.”

 An’ nice lookin’ ones, too, he thought, doing a secret double-take.

“Baloo, just keep out of this,” Rebecca said sternly, not breaking away from her warm-up.

“Look, Becky… the idea of two ladies fightin’ over me is kinda flatterin’, but this ain’t the way to deal with yer jealousy...”

Rebecca stopped and incredulously looked at her pilot.

“Ha! Mejealous of a brainy, red-headed, leggy nubile PhD who can turn Pavlov’s theory into fact in a roomful of men in under two seconds?!! And don’t flatter yourself, you dumb galoot! As if this had anything to do with you! Hmph!”

“It...it ain’t?”

“It ain’t! Period!!

“Then…” asked the confused pilot, “what are ya fightin’ Katie for then?”

“Because…because…it’s personal, buster! Now get out of the way!”

“Rebecca…” Baloo calmly placed his hand gently on her shoulder. “You an’ Katie are good friends of mine…whatever reason you gals are doin’ this for…I can’t stand to see da two of ya punch, kick or jab yer lights out. It ain’t worth it, hon.”

 “If you can’t stand to see it,” she said, jerking her shoulder away, “then don’t watch.”

 It was that cool tone in her voice he knew too well that there was nothing that would dissuade her from this. The pilot just sighed and silently returned back to his comrades.

“So what happened, Papa Bear?” Kit asked anxiously.

“Jus’ stand on the side lines, Li’l Britches an’ let ‘em duke it out.”

The navigator just folded his arms in disbelief. “And they say we males are always looking to pick a fight!”

Coming onto the floor mat, Katie finished braiding her hair and faced her challenger from a respectful distance, stating: “I thought we should go over some ground rules before we begin.”

Rebecca raised an eyebrow. “Rules?”

“Yes. One; there will be no interference from either side to stop. Two; this will be a clean and fair fight – no grabbing or pulling of hair or clothing and third; whomever can be taken down in three moves will complete the match. Agreed?”


After the archaeologist had finished talking, they both assumed defensive stances and momentarily stood like statues.

“Is somethin’ gonna happen…” muttered the pilot, “or what?”

The silence was then abruptly shattered as the two combatants charged at each other, screaming at the top of their lungs that startled the three spectators. Blocking the first few hand moves, both ladies quickly countered with their feet. Katie, having the longest legs, gave a roundhouse kick, narrowly missing the she-bear.

As the vixen completed her revolution, Rebecca swept-kicked under the back of Katie’s unguarded ankle, making her buckle under and sending her flat on her back.

“That’s one,” the businesswoman smirked.

“Beginner’s luck, sweetheart,” mumbled Katie, narrowing her eyes. Boy, is she ever arrogant!

Getting back on her feet, the vixen and the she-bear circled each other, following with a few hand and foot blocks. Then Rebecca made a flying leap that Katie managed to duck out of the way. After she had passed her, the archaeologist elbowed her hard in the lower back.

The businesswoman yelped in pain, causing her to falter on the way down, collapsed on the floor and fall flat on her face.

One for me,” smiled Katie, raising her ring finger in triumph.

You don’t want to know what finger I’d like to give you, honey…

As if she could read her mind, the vixen quoted: “‘If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate her.’ – Sun Tzu.”

Rising up, the she-bear briefly rubbed her sore spot and replied: “‘Shut up and dance.’ – Rebecca Cunningham.”

Katie held up her hands in a defensive position, then teasingly beckoned with her two forefingers, daring her to come over. Rebecca charged at her with a battle cry, preparing to aim with a hand move for the vixen’s forehead. She quickly stopped it with a block, grabbing the businesswoman’s wrist and flung her over her shoulder. But Rebecca managed to grasp her opponent’s arm in the process, bending at the elbow that sent Katie tumbling to the mat with her.

 “Wow!” Myra exclaimed.

“Awesome!” agreed Kit.

Man! I wish I hadda bowl o’ popcorn fer this!” said Baloo in total amazement.

They continued to roll over each other, then managed to roll off and clamber back onto their feet. Leaping into the air again, Rebecca went for a kick that went directly at Katie’s stomach. She went whoomp and staggered, causing a wicked smile to set on the she-bear’s face.

But the victory was short-lived, as Katie just managed to maintain her sense of balance. She’s good…but why is she toying with me?...

“You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you?” the archaeologist smirked with satisfaction.

You know…for a second there,” the businesswoman derisively laughed briefly, “I did.” Why is she toying with me? She’s good!

“Silly rabbit…” Katie began with a contemptuous sneer.

“…tricks are for kids.” Rebecca completed with equal panache.

The gleam in their eyes didn’t diminish in either one. All right! they thought, with snarls fixed on their faces. In this round, she’s going down!!

 In another charge, a few hand moves and blocks that both parties ended in a lock of arms, they suddenly realized…it was identical!

The “Crouching Tiger!!” both women thought in surprise at once and then both backed off.

Determined, they gave it another go. A foot maneuver repeated their defense methods again, ending up in pressing their stretched thighs closely together and standing balanced on one leg each, practically face-to-face. Again, the two of them were amazed.

The “Hidden Dragon!??...”

Still both balanced, Katie tentatively asked her rival: “Who was your master?”

 “Master Yuen.”

The Master Yuen Wo-Ping in Xanadu?!”

“No…Master Yuen Cheung-Yan, 811 Ajax Lane at the How-Yu-Bin Academy of Martial Arts in Cape Suzette . Gives ten percent discounts on all first lessons.”

“Ahh…” Katie smiled, a new heralding of respect dawning upon her. “The younger brother.”

Rebecca, mischievously grinning in turn by finding a reverenced similitude with her opponent’s abilities; responded: “From what I heard, they were always competitive idiots.”

“Look who’s talkin’!” said Baloo out loud.

Kit and Myra shushed him.

“Well, then…let’s see whose method is the superior one, eh, Becky?”

“It’s Rebecca!!

They broke their lock with battle cries, followed by a flurry of blocks, strikes and defences that looked like they were trying to pound one another yet neither one succeeding in the process.

“Don’t these two ever get tired?” Kit said in exasperation.

Then, in a freak moment; Rebecca and Katie managed somehow to exact swift upper kicks to each others’ chins, causing both of them to knock each other off their feet and landing on the mat with heavy thuds.  


 The onlookers on the side winced at the sight of the sprawled combatants who had just injured one another after such a frenzied exhibition of skill.

Oooh, man!” cringed the huge pilot. “Now that’s gotta hurt, baby!”

“That makes it two for both of them!” Myra exclaimed.

Now both prostrate on the floor; splotches and spots dotting before their eyes, tousled hair and panting heavier than ever, the two martial arts mistresses then crawled towards each other, still determined to finish the match.

“Man,” Baloo commented. “Talk ‘bout obsession!”

“Should we…um, help them out?” the navigator wondered.

“Naw…looks like they’re runnin’ outta steam, Kit.” I hope.

Facing each other and propping themselves on their elbows, but still lying on their stomachs and panting; the she-bear reached out with one hand, the vixen with the other. They clasped each other’s hands together and began to…

“What the…?” the grey bear murmured, not believing what he saw along with the others.

Yield, you red-haired succubus!!!...

“Oh, brother!” said Kit, rolling his eyes. “Now they’re arm-wrestling!

Quit, you green-eyed monster!!!...

Grunting and groaning, beads of perspiration descended down the competitors’ faces, both fists remained locked in battle. They glowered at each other gruesomely until suddenly, their grim demeanours broke into grins, snickers followed, and then they loosened their grips, rolling around the mat in peals of hysterical laughter.

“Aw, great,” bemoaned Baloo. “They’ve both flipped their cookies!”

But Myra just smiled.

“No, Baloo. I think these two have finally come to an understanding.”

Still laughing and holding their sides, the two ladies managed to gather their senses.

 “You know…” Rebecca madly giggled, “…the Yuen Brothers would find this very humorous, Katie.”

“I agree,” chortled the vixen. “I’d say…we’d came out even. Draw?”


Getting up on her feet, the she-bear groaned, reacting to a sore spot on her left side.

“Hope I didn’t hurt you too much, Rebecca,” grinned Katie.

“No – ahh! M-maybe a little…”

She hobbled over to the archaeologist and extended a hand to help her up. Taking her offer, Katie pulled herself up, reacting to her own sore body as they both leaned on each other.

 “Looks like I tenderized you too, Doctor,” Rebecca chuckled, wincing at her own pain as well.

  “And you look like I put you through a duck press yourself, sister.”

Though unspoken, it was understood that they could be friends now.

The spectators went over to the two former antagonists, hoping to offer their assistance.

“You two alright?” said Baloo with a concerned look.

“Just fine, Bal – oomph!…well, a little sore than most,” grunted his employer, then turned to the vixens. “What do you say we ladies have a little soirée in my cabin?”

“Izzat somethin’ like a fondue?” questioned Baloo.

Kit just elbowed him in response to remain silent.

“Sure…why not? We can bind wounds and swap stories…so tell me, Rebecca,” Katie inquired with interest as the three ladies walked – albeit the two who mostly limped – out of the gym room, “how did you master the ‘Hidden Dragon’? It took me two years to get it right from Master Wo-Ping.”

“Really? It took me only two months from Master Cheung-Yan...”

The alpine vixen raised a quizzical eyebrow at the diminutive she-bear.

“…and it was two of the hardest months I ever had,” grinned the businesswoman. “I still have much to learn, Katie.”

“I hope it doesn’t take either long to patch up you two sillies,” said Myra .

“Hey, Foxworthy – we’re doctors, remember?” said Katie.

“In that case,” she quipped, “I’ll charge double for my services.”

“Better you than me, pal. I’m way too expensive!”

 The women broke into laughter, with a few groans mixed in from Rebecca and Katie.

And meanwhile, all the two male bears left behind at the gym could do was just stand there, looking perplexed as the trio walked down the Prowler’s corridor.

“I don’t get it, Papa Bear,” said a puzzled Kit, scratching his head. “One minute those two look like they were going to tear each other apart, now they’re laughing about it??”

“Women…” Baloo sighed with a shrug. “Who can figger ‘em out, Ace?”


End of Part Eleven

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